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First off hello and welcome to my blog "Ammaarah's Shelf", I am Ammaarah!

I am 22, a virgo and a little bit of an introvert. My interests are along the lines of beauty, fashion, skincare, romance novels, and the Kpop band BTS!

Originally I wanted this to be a book blog but when I decided to start this blog I realized that I wanted to feature content on various topics. My sister asked me what I wanted to accomplish with my blog and I told her that I wanted to create a space where people would be able to learn and connect with others. So I came up with this idea to create a space where I will be able to talk about and share my experiences regarding not only health and beauty, but where I will also be able to share little snippets of my daily life with you.

So currently I am a Linguistics honours student at the University of the Western Cape. The person who inspired me to start Ammaarah's Shelf was actually Dr Amiena Peck, a lecturer in my department. Dr Peck is an amazing person who just exudes inspiration! On Instagram she has been using the hashtags #AmienaInspired #iamaccountable #YouAreEnough #changeisgood #changetheworld and many more. Seeing this has really helped me gather my confidence and start Ammaarah's Shelf.

I want to turn the brand (hopefully, one day, fingers crossed!) Ammaarah's Shelf into something that I will be proud of. My ultimate goal with Ammaarah's Shelf is probably to inspire others, I think that would be great!


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